While surfing the web on a lazy afternoon I came across an amazing project of transit passes created from the 1930s - 1960s for the Milwaukee Electric Railway & Light Company. Each week their designers would release a colorful ticket stub for their transit riders. These colorful gems are great examples of color, typography and a lesson in packing information into a small space. For more info on the inspiration for this project follow this link to the Letterform Archive.

Starting in February of 22, with March being the first full month of Date Cards, this project came a long way in a short period of time. I brought Photoshop into my workflow along with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Fresco. From illustrations to typography this project touched it all. I often struggle with copy in my personal projects, so using the date is a perfect way to always have a focus. I also created a vintage card that would be used for every design. This was another way of creating uniformity within the project. These two guardrails made keeping up with a daily routine much easier.

A daily routine can lead to rapid growth and I highly recommend it for designers at any level. While this isn’t my first time doing projects like this, no matter my skill level I learn something new.

I hope you enjoy the project, I know I had fun making it. Thanks for following along.

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